Dynamics of communication

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  • Publicado : 18 de novembro de 2012
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Communicating in Relationships
Is there a right way to communicate in relationships? How straight could be and how to distinguish friendship and acquaintances? In communication the only way to make a mistake is not to talk or not give signs that you are interested in what other people is saying or doing. In very long relationships we can develop ways to figure out what your partner is eventhinking without saying a word. I have been in a relationship with my wife for almost 14 years.
First of all I think the most important ways to keep a relationship health are: learning how to communicate between each other, respect his/her opinions and have, more than love, a full feeling of friendship. Of course you have to trust and enjoy the company of your partner at all times, although friendshipis going to make this commitment much more pleasurable than anything. My fiancée and I met when I was 16 and she was 14. For the first time we met we both felt sexually attracted by the other, but our relationship was not beyond teenagers flirting. By that time we were acquaintances wanting to know better each other. When you are that age you, usually, don’t want any close relation. We spentalmost one year as acquaintances, only seeing each other in parties, but we had never gone beyond a “Hi”. In the following summer vacations we went to the same beach, and there I formally introduce myself to her. I have never been a shy guy, and when I was a teenager I used to really hit in a lot of girls, so I decided, why couldn’t I introduce myself to her if I do that for many other girls.
Ithappened in the beginning of the summer, and I didn’t know by that time why that girl would make me hesitate or stagger in front of her. At that moment, we start getting to know each other and from acquaintances we move forward in our relationship becoming friends. We quite talked about our lives and shared many stories about ourselves and by doing that, at the end of that summer we were friends.Since the first time a saw her, I wanted to be friends with some benefits, but it didn’t happen. After a couple of months, I was already 17 and she 15, we “dated” for the first time. We were at a night club we used to go, and we kissed for the first time. By that time I knew it was something really special, but neither of us was looking for a commitment. So, it was only that time. After that, ourfriendship started getting bigger and bigger. Our phone calls used to take more than an hour and we were really close, even sharing comments about other affairs.
Moreover, during almost all that year, which we saw each other almost every weekend, I dated with some of her friends, at the same time we were shortening our friendship. By October of 1997, I had one of her friends as my girlfriend, when,out of the blue, I saw her kissing my cousin and felt so jealous that I figured she was “the one”. At the moment I knew I was in love and I couldn’t keep dating her friend and I should, definitely, do something about. I broke my relationship with her friend and start talking to her we could be much more than best friends. She was always skeptical to accept I could change to have a relationship inwhich she could trust me (I used to betray her friend with other girls, and she knew it because I used to tell her everything). It took me some time to prove her I could be trustable, and after two months, at Christmas Eve I kissed her again and I was sure she was the woman of my life. However, the happy ending for this fairy tale has had a chapter that lasted a week and that only took place onDecember, 30th when I had to convince her I could change.
Next December, 30th is going to be our 14th anniversary and I’m pretty sure this is going to last forever. I proposed her five years ago, and she said yes, but life has meant that the course be changed, and then marriage and children, although I really want to, are out of our plans at the moment. And besides that, our relationship is...