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Adjectives are used to define the noun, the Portuguese are usually used after nouns, as in the English language usage is on the contrary, we must use adjectivesbefore the noun. To compare people, things, concepts, and so on., There are ways of comparison, see below:

Comparison of equality:

To compare two things equally weuse the expression: (as + adjective + as) and the first negative prayers can be replaced by the so.
Ex: She is the the tall Jane. (She is as tall as Jane.)
Ex: Sheis not so tall to Jane. (It is not as high as Jane.)

Comparison of inferiority:

We use when we want to demonstrate the inferiority of one thing over another, weuse the expression: (less than + + adjective).
Ex: Some species are less adaptable than others. (Some species are less adaptable than others.)

Comparative ofsuperiority:

Used to demonstrate the superiority of something relative to each other. When we use the adjective is monosyllabic: (adjective + er + than suffix).
Ex:The Lion is stronger than the wolf. (A lion is stronger than a wolf.)

With adjectives to use more than one syllable: (more than + + adjective).
Example: Julie ismore beautiful than Lana. (Julie is prettier than Lana).


We use when we want to further intensification of the adjective to something. When we usethe adjective is monosyllabic (the suffix + adjective + est).
Eg: February is the shortest month of the year. (February is the shortest month of the year.)

Withadjectives of more than one syllable, we use (the most + adjective).
Ex: This is the most efficient program of all. (This program is the most efficient of all.)
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