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  • Publicado : 6 de novembro de 2012
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EFA – 2ºA Worksheet nr 6 November 2012 Teacher: Cília Loisas
A. Complete with the given prepositions!
*about *at(3) *in(3) * of *with |

It’s wonderful here ______Bordeaux. We’re thinking _______ you ______ home _______ London. ______ the moment, Pam’s ______ the swimming-pool, and I’m relaxing ______ the hotel bar _______ a glass _____ beer.
B. Give thecorrect form of the verb or noun.
Jill _______(start) work at 9 o’clock three days a week. She usually _______ (catch) the 8:30 bus, but she sometimes _______ (miss) it. It sometimes ______ (pass) her onthe way to the bus stop. The _______ (bus) are often full, so they _______ (pass) the bus stop and don’t stop. She ______ (get) off the bus in Oxford Street, _______ (cross) the street and _______(rush) to the school. She ______ (be) seldom late for her 9 o’clock _______ (class).
C. Complete with the given prepositions!
*before *with *in(3) to *at(2) *on(2) *after *with |1.Sam’s day never starts ________ 10 o’ clock ______ the morning. He doesn’t train _______ the team ______ Saturdays and Sundays. ______ his free time he reads his fan letters, but he doesn’t reply ______them, only _____ Christmas. 2.Jill finishes work _____ about 4 o’ clock ______ the afternoon. She doesn’t teach ________ Saturdays. _______ supper, she relaxes _______ a book or a magazine, or shewatches a film ________ television.
D. Match the questions and the answers about “A postcard from Bordeaux”
28th July DearJill and Steve, We’re spending a wonderful holiday in Bordeaux. The sun shines every day and I’m thinking about you at home. At the moment, Pam’s swimming in the pool, the children are playing, Pascaleand Yasuko are playing tennis and I’m drinking a lovely cool beer at the hotel bar. It’s all very expensive here, but it isn’t raining. Love, Jeff, Pam, Mark and Kate. |...
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