Crise na europa em ingles

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euro zone crisis

The analysis of the causes of the crisis in European markets especially to Ireland.
By Claudia Da Silva Student nr.: 12115533

euro zone crisis
The BeginningThe European Union began to form in 1950 as  European Coal and Steel Community that was the first step to union. Later, in 1957, came the European Economic Community (EEC) or "Common Market".
In 1986their signed the Single European Act creating the "Single Market" formalized free trade among member countries. The free movement of services, goods, capital and people that allows people cantravel freely started 7 years later in 1993.
The EEC became European Union (EU), but only in 2000 the EU created the Euro , the European currency. 
How European Union Works:
The EU has its aHeadquarters in Brussels, with all countries of the EU Group, and delegations present in some world capitals.
The main functions of the institution .:
European Parliament:European Council:European CommissionEuropean Central Bank | wich represents the EU’s citizens and is directly elected by themwhich represents the individual member stateswhich seeks to uphold theinterests of the Union as a wholeWhich seeks the policy Monetary | |

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political Group formed by most countries in  Europe and the UK . In 2002 officiallyentered circulation Euro, the single currency in current countries the European Union at the time. With that in January 2002 inside the EU unity was created the Eurozone is comprised of 17 of the 27EU member States.
In the early years, all going well and the Europeans were thrilled with the news. despite not match the most optimistic projections, sales grew by 15% in the EU economy. Anotherimportant fact was the the control of inflation, which on average does not exceed 2%. Companies also saved money with the costs of foreign exchange transactions - for example in the automotive...
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