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|Text Book Notes |HISTORY |Major |
|Isaac Newton ||ALL |

|Topic |Historical Anecdotes|
|Sub Topic |Text Book Notes – Newton |
|Summary |A brief history onNewton |
|Authors |Chris Lamereoux|
|Date |August 27, 2002 |
|Web Site| |

Sir Isaac Newton has long been regarded as one of the most brilliant scientist who ever lived, as well as oneof greatest mathematicians in England's history. However, Newton's character and life was one made of long flashes of brilliance and followed by unexplainable eccentric behavior.

Isaac was bornon Christmas day in a village in Lincolnshire, England. His mother described Isaac as being so tiny he could fit into a quart jar, while his father hoped that his new son would grow to manage the farmsomeday. Growing up Isaac barely maintained average grades and often lacked attention in school. Villagers looked upon his daydreaming, habits of reading for hours at a time, and keeping records ofhis interests as mere eccentricity. However, the first hints of Newton's brilliance could be found in his boyhood inventions. He was responsible for creating sundials, an accurate wooden clock,...
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