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  • Publicado : 22 de setembro de 2012
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Against All Tests Of Love |
by Butterfly |
Dear Shawn,

I know me and you have been through a lot in the past ten months but more three months alone. With our daughter being paralyzed and us separated at the time, it brought us back to where we needed to be without pride being in our way. I loved you since the day I laid my eyes on you. And I know that no one is perfect. I just hope youremember that also. But no matter what we have learned so much from each other. Our love survived SO many tests. From having to sell our first house to having two of our four kids having to stay in hospitals. Through it all you have still stayed in my heart. You make me whole and complete. Without you I realized that maybe yes I could run free ... but I didn't want to without you. I never want totake our love for granted again. We wasted too much time already being separated for ten months too long. You have and always will have a place in my heart. I am yours for the long haul. I know at times you would rather choke me but that doesn't outweigh the times you want to kiss me. I am writing this letter to make a promise to you that I am going to try as hard as I can for us this time, as longas you will have me. It's so rare what we have. I would hate to not take advantage of such a beautiful thing or having a beautiful person in my life; who not only is the love of my life but a love I never thought really existed for me. You are my soul ... if you only knew. Without that, I can't really live, at least happily. I hope this made your day. I love you and always have. |
Grateful Love |by Jennifer |
Dear Mike,

Baby, I don't even know where to begin. From the first time we talked to each other on the phone I knew you were special. And the first time we met, words cannot even explain. I was so nervous; until I saw you. It seemed so natural, like we've known one another for years. Truth is, it's been just under six weeks. I never knew I could feel this strongly aboutsomeone this soon, but you've proved me wrong. Every time I see the beach or a sunset I think about that night. I think about that day and night all the time. From the first time I saw you until the last kiss of the night.

It's hard for me to tell you how I feel, because no one in my previous relationships has wanted that. And if they have, I've been afraid to tell them because I was afraid of beinghurt. Please bare with me baby, I'm working on it. I will slowly be able to tell you how I feel or what I'm thinking. I read this quote today and it's made me think: "The best way to love is to love like you've never been hurt." That fits my situation one-hundred percent. I keep dwelling on the past and what everyone else has done to me. After reading that I realized I cannot be with you and behappy and continue to dwell on what other guys have done to me. I am with you. Not them. I need to concentrate on making you happy. And letting you make me happy. Up until this point you've been different than any other guy. I know that you wouldn't hurt me, at least intentionally. That's why you are different. I know you care for me and want to be with me. I am sorry I have doubted that. There hasnot been a moment in the last six weeks where I have doubted any feelings for you.

You've walked into my life and totally turned it around. I was so depressed and torn up about what had happened to me in the last year or so; I was nearly ready to give up. You gave me the hope that I needed to keep going on. I am so grateful for having you in my life. I've been waiting on someone just like youto walk into my life. Baby, thank you for everything.

One last thing before I go. I have wanted to tell you something, but have not been able to bring myself to do so ...

I love you! |
Lost In Love |
by Sweety |
Dear Don Juan,

I feel in my heart and in my soul each thing that you say to me. It is something amazing because I think that you always know when I am sad, when I am very...