Como instalar o flexi

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Instructions to Download Flexi Family 8.1v1

Note: We recommend uninstalling your previous version of Flexi before installing this new versionbecause it is not an update but a full version of the software. Failure to uninstall may result in inconsistent performance from the program. If you wantto keep your current version you will need to install the update on another drive.

Also, you may want to backup any special fonts (such as Flexi orCasFonts – located in the program folder), any ICC profiles (you may have added these to the Output profiles folder) and any files you have saved within the Flexiprogram folder.

1. Go to: If link does not work when you click on it, copy and paste it to theaddress bar. If using Internet Explorer, only version 6 and below can view ftp sites. You can also use Firefox.

2. Create a new folder on your desktopand name it “Flexi 8.1v1”. Open the folder “Flexi 8.1v1 Win” from the ftp site and copy/paste the files or download them to your new folder.

[pic]3. Note: these are disc “image files” and will require CD burning software to transfer files to a disc. Use your software to “add image file” perCD (each file is one CD capacity). DO NOT just burn files to disc like any other file. Use the add IMAGE FILE option which is a process that will convertfile into subfolders on disc as seen below.

4. The CD will automatically run the autorun.exe file when inserted into computer drive.

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