Campana brothers

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  • Publicado : 10 de maio de 2012
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Campana Brothers (Fernando and Humberto Campana)

In ten years of career, the brothers lured the Italian design, especially in Milan, where they debuted with a lamp named Estela, name of therubberized fabric with which the piece is performed. In 1998, Fernando and
Humberto won a retrospective at the Museum of Modren Art in New York (MoMA), thanks to the invitation of the Curator ofArchitecture and Design Museum, the italian Paola Antonelli, who came to the country for the first time
two years ago, also seduced by the creations of the pair of designers.

The Lamp Estela

TheCampanas became soon a reference in Brazilian design, and still had to wait ten years to have the first piece produced by a brazilian company. The next exhibition of the designers tried to draw attention tothis
problem of identity that design has in the country: on the one hand, industries fail to produce creations of talent for understanding the artistic content of the more expensive part, the other,the exhibition circuit little open space for
the objects of a utilitarian nature. "After the golden age of MASP, the design was excluded from the art scene in Brazil," said Humberto Campana, apartfrom the efforts of museums like the Brazilian House.
''Between Art and Design'' will bring together, 48 parts of the Campana brothers and works of contemporary artists from the collection of MAM.Beside pieces such as lamp Estela (produced by the Luce, Milan), will be
displayed works that refer to everyday objects, but rather the creations of the Campanas have no utilitarian function. By examplea ladder that you can't climb.
"Our approach to the design will be achieved through the visual arts, which is the field for the museum," says Tadeu Chiarelli, Director of MAM and curator of theexhibition alongside Rejane Cintrão. "The idea is to place
side by side with the design and art creations that operate on the edge." Hence the title of the exhibition.
The show marks the beginning of a...