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Financial Resources
Financial resources concern the ability of the business to "finance" its chosen strategy. For example, a strategy that requires significant investment in new products, distribution channels, production capacity and working capital will place great strain on the business finances. Our existing finance funds are shareholders’ capital and a credit line with afomentation Brazilian bank.

Sharedholders Investiment BRL 40,000
Fomentation Bank (Credit - 3% Interest p.a) BRL 10,000

Existing finance funds - Cash balances
- Bank overdraft
- Bank and other loans
- Shareholders' capital
- Working capital (e.g. stocks, debtors) already invested in the business
- Creditors (suppliers, government)

Ability to raise new funds - Strengthand reputation of the management team and the overall business
- Strength of relationships with existing investors and lenders
- Attractiveness of the market in which the business operates (i.e. is it a market that is attracting investment generally?)
- Listing on a quoted Stock Exchange? If not, is this a realistic possibility?

Human Resources
The heart of the issue with HumanResources is the skills-base of the business. What skills does the business already possess? Are they sufficient to meet the needs of the chosen strategy?
Existing staffing resources - Numbers of staff by function, location, grade, experience, qualification, remuneration
- Existing rate of staff loss ("natural wastage")
- Overall standard of training and specific training standards in keyroles
- Assessment of key "intangibles" - e.g. morale, business culture

Changes required to resources - What changes to the organisation of the business are included in the strategy (e.g. change of location, new locations, new products)?
- What incremental human resources are required?
- How should they be sourced? (alternatives include employment, outsourcing, joint ventures etc.)By considering all these questions and the fact that we are an online enterprise we have realised that human resource is an intangibly value asset and our staff to initiate our operations is sufficient to run the business and it is composed by:

Quantity Position
1 Marketing Manager
1 Finance/Control Manager
1 Web Engineer
1 Commercial Manager

Part of our IT specialist operations isoutsourced to an Indian enterprise called Temenos. The partnership has been established in order to reduce costs and it is coordinated by our Web engineer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The vendor in India provides us a 24/7 IT support charged on a fixed rate monthly basis and for each requirements of adjustments on the website is agreed upon individual contracts.

Further, a call centre isalso outsourced in Brazil in order to give support for students that find difficulties in operating the website. For this service, CheapIntercambios is charged on a monthly basis a fixed rate agreed on a 12 months tenor contract.

Physical Resources
The category of physical resources covers wide range of operational resources concerned with the physical capability to deliver a strategy. Theseinclude:

Production facilities - Location of existing production facilities; capacity; investment and maintenance requirements
- Current production processes - quality; method & organisation
- Extent to which production requirements of the strategy can be delivered by existing facilities
Marketing facilities - Marketing management process
- Distribution channels
Information technology- IT systems
- Integration with customers and suppliers

Intangible Resources
It is easy to ignore the intangible resources of a business when assessing how to deliver a strategy - but they can be crucial. Intangibles include:
Goodwill The difference between the value of the tangible assets of the business and the actual value of the business (what someone would be prepared to pay for it)...