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  • Publicado : 11 de julho de 2012
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216 Hawke Rd.
Muskegon, MI 49440--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This plan for the purchase of an existing small business does a nice job of illustrating, in specifics, how the business will be improved. Dynamicideas for increasing community involvement and exposure are clearly stated. The low overhead cost of operation and the creative ability of the entrepreneur are stressed as the keys to a successfulventure, and both are displayed in the plan's content.


Grandma Miller's Cookies & Muffins was established about eight and a halfyears ago, and the current owner, Hannah Welles, has owned it for about two and a half years, selling it for health reasons. Hannah has an excellent rapport with her customers and is veryknowledgeable about the area. Currently, the business shows a modest profit. Although the markup on the cookies is very good (i.e., sugar cookie dough sells for $1.85/lb., and the retail price of the finishedcookies is $6.59/lb), the overall cost of goods sold is about 50 percent due to the serving of light lunches, muffins, soda, and juices (see menu).

As pointed out by an accountant, any sales over thecurrent volume, 50 percent, is profit. As a result, sales could be doubled within the first twelve to eighteen months.

The first of two steps to increase sales would be to becomean active member of the Muskegon Chamber of Commerce (membership is over 400). Through past Grand Rapids Chamber membership and previous employment in Muskegon, I have made many business contacts...