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  • Publicado : 19 de junho de 2012
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Aparecida de Goiânia,______de__________________ de 2010.
Série: 1º ano Ensino: Médio Turno: Matutino
Professor(a): Ana Cristina


The date was May 8, 1886.In Atlanta, Georgia, John Pemberton, a pharmacist known as “Dr. Pemberton” was busy in his backyard. He was trying to find the right recipe for a newinvention.

Pemberton had already invented “French Wine Coca – The Ideal Nerve Tonic, Health Restorer and Stimulant”, and “Dr. Pemberton’s Lemon and Orange Elixir”. Now he was trying to find theright recipe for a new invention.

Using a boat oar to stir the mixture, Pemberton cooked it up in a very large iron pot heated over an open fire. When he finished, he was certain he had founda new medicine to relieve headaches.

Some days before, Pemberton has arranged to show his new medicine to Jacobs Pharmacy. Happy about the results, Pemberton instructed Venable, hisassistant, to mix the syrup with water and chill it with ice. The two men tasted it and agreed it was delicious. But when Venable mixed another glass. He accidentally added carbonated water instead of plainwater.

Pemberton tasted the new mixture. It was so good that he decided to sell the beverage not as a headache remedy, but as a soft drink. The beverage contained coca leaves and cola nuts, andso Pemberton named it Coca-Cola.

In 1886 Coca-Cola sold only about nine bottles a day. Pemberton was so unhappy about low sales that he sold his rights a few years after. But within 40years, Pemberton’s headache remedy had become big business and the most popular soft drink in the world.
Today people in more than 160 countries drink about 400 million bottles of the soft drinkevery year.
(Adapted from Mistakes that Worked, Charlotte Foltz Jones, Doubleday, 1997)


Backyard – quintal, pedaço de terreno no fundo...