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CPU – center processor UNIT. --- A central processing unit (CPU), also referred to as a central processor unit,[1] is the hardware within acomputer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetical, logical, and input/output operations of the system
Alu compare operations

CU –control any of jobs in computer
The control unit is one of the most important parts of a microprocessor for the reason that it is in charge of the entire process, that is the machine cycle. The CPU dealswith each instruction it is given in a series of steps. Each step is repeated for each instruction. This series of steps is called the machine cycle. It involves:
• fetching an instruction frommemory;
• decoding the instruction;
• transferring the data;
• executing the instruction.

ALU – arithmetic logic unit - Arithmetic Logic Unit, ALU is one of the many components within acomputer processor. The ALU performs mathematical, logical, and decision operations in a computer and is the final processing performed by the processor. After the information has been processed by theALU, it is sent to the computer memory.
1- Mathematical operations
2- Compare operation

1- Control bus give the direction to address bus and data bus
2- Address bus
3- Data bus
1The address bus (sometimes called the memory bus) transports memory addresses which the processor wants to access in order to read or write data. It is a unidirectional bus.
2 The data bus transfersinstructions coming from or going to the processor. It is a bidirectional bus.
3 The control bus (or command bus) transports orders and synchonisation signals coming from the control unit andtravelling to all other hardware components. It is a bidirectional bus, as it also transmits response signals from the hardware.

Cache memory
1) Link to the RAM and CPU
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