Quais o termos juridicos que um secretário precisa saber

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Trabalho de Inglês instrumental I do Instituto Federal do Paraná apresentando o inglês nosecretariado.

Professores: Tony/Renato

Read the dialogue and answer the questions:
David: Hello, I’m David Garza. I’m a new club member.
Beth: Hi. My name isElizabeth Silva, but please call me Beth. How old are you David?
David: I’m twenty-two. How about you?
Beth: Me too!
David: Nice! Where are you from, Beth?
Beth: Brazil. How about you?
David: I’mfrom Mexico.
Beth: Oh, I love Mexico! It’s really beautiful.
David: Thanks. So is Brazil!

01. Where is David from?
a) He is from Brazil.
b) He is from Madrid.
c) He is from Mexico.
d) He isfrom Garza.

02. David is:
a) A new student in school.
b) A new club member.
c) Really beautiful.
d) Beth’s boyfriend.
e) A teacher.

03. How old is Beth?
a) 24
b) 12
c) 32
d) 22
e) 2004. Choose the best option to complete the sentence:
We don't need this chair. You can have _____________.
A. it
B. them
C. her
D. him

05. Choose the best option to complete the sentence:John and Steven are going to the beach. Would you like to go with _____________?
A. her
B. they
C. them
D. him

06. Assinale a alternativa que corresponde à seqüência de pronomes que
completamcorretamente a seguinte frase:
“My dog got sick because ______ ate some rotten food from the trash.”
a) him
b) they
c) it
d) us
e) me

07. Assinale a alternativa que completa cada frasecorretamente:

I- We know she'll tell________ a different story.
a) they
b) us
c). we

II- Tim and __________ are planning to climb the Everest together.
a) us
b) them
c) I

III- Steve is alwaysthrowing nice parties to people that he likes. It was very nice of
__________ to invite __________ to his party.
a) he - us
b) him - us
c) his – we

IV- The policeman asked __________ if he had...
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