Global warming

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Global warning is a rise of Earth’s temperature. There are some gases in atmosphere and they trapped radiation which keep the temperature of Earth within certain limits. . This callsgreenhouses effect.
The greenhouses’s problem in global warning arise because of gases are emited by humans activies. This gases modifies the atmosphere’s composition and this layerbecome more dense. As this layer become more thickness, more of radition is trapped and consequencily the temperature increases.In addiction the sun is responsible of global warning too. Hisactivity is increasing but the major responsible for global warning is a rise’s greenhouses effect. The negative aspect of this effect is related with human-made. We are all responsiblefor this. We are constantly emiting carbon dioxide and other gases , for example a queima de combustiveis fosseis ( nao sei dizer).
There are a climate changes because of globalwarning and this become an issue of concern because in any place in the world has happened some situations which make people thinkining about this. For example many people died in the heatwave in California and in others places in the world people has seen flood, landslide, sand storms and wildfire..
If the temperature keeps rising the climate will change too, and it notgood for us neither to animals and animals. The wildfires will occur often and it leads more desertification. The glacier discharge and ice caps melting will increase. The habitats ofanimals will change and some animals won't adapt which means there will be endangered species. With this rise of temperature there will are more heat waves and Earthquakes, tsunamis andhurricane, which means more deaths and famine and epidemics. Therefore it is important we know what is happening with our world in order to be able to do something for change it.
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