Global Warming

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LGlobal Warming

Global warming is the name given to the increasing temperature of the oceans and the Earth's surface. This phenomenon is being observed since the mid-20th century and shouldcontinue in the 21st century main cause is pollution and deforestation.

Human activities like burning fossil fuels and deforestation are causing the greenhouse effect known. According to scientificprojections, the Earth's temperature will increase 6.4 ° C by 2100. Even if there is a stabilization of greenhouse effect, its consequences on the planet can continue for longer.

Increasing globaltemperature is resulting in rising sea volume, climate change and natural rainfall. This generates flooding and droughts. Other expected effects are changes in the frequency and intensity of weather events.That would hurt agricultural production, depending on the dangerousness, can attack the human health and safety. Another expected consequence is evil ocean acidification. This is a result of increasedcarbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere.

To combat the effects already being felt by man and modify the catastrophic prediction of global warming, the Kyoto Protocol, which has theparticipation of 187 nations, provides reduction and stabilization of emissions of gases that cause the greenhouse effect.
The EU aims to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 80% by 2050.

Oaquecimento global é o nome dado ao aumento da temperatura dos oceanos e da superfície da Terra. Esse fenômeno está sendo observado desde meados do século 20 e deve continuar no século 21. A principal causaé a poluição e o desmatamento.
As atividades humanas como queima de combustíveis fósseis e o desmatamento estão causando o conhecido efeito estufa. Segundo projeções científicas, a temperatura da Terradeve aumentar 6,4°C até 2100. Mesmo se houver uma estabilização do efeito estufa, suas conseqüências no planeta podem continuar por mais tempo.
O aumento da temperatura global está acarretando no...
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