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Except for nuclear war or a collision with an asteroid, no force is more
Dangerous to our planet’s web of life than global warming. Experts predict that by
2100 the averagetemperature on the earth will be somewhere between 1.4° C and
5.8° C higher than it is today. A hotter word will make extreme weather (heat
Waves, droughts, floods, hurricanes etc.) More frequent – anddeadly.
Global warming is caused by human activities. Every time we burn gasoline
For our cars or coal to generate electricity in power plants, carbon dioxide (CO²) and
Other gases are releases]dinto the atmosphere, forming a hazy blanket around the
Earth. That blanket is thicker, heavier, and more dangerous now. This “greenhouse
Effect” is the major cause of global warming.
The UnitedStates is the main polluter on the planet. With only 4% of the
World’s population, America produces 25% of its greenhouse gases. But president
George Bush recently shocked the word when he decided notto support the Kyoto
Protocol, an international agreement that sets specific limits for the amount of
Harmful gases that countries may release into the atmosphere. Bush feels that U.S.
Companiescannot meet the limits of the global pact.”We will not do anything that
Hams our economy,” he says. Environment groups and important word
Personalities attacked Bush’s decision. The world is feelingthe heat of global
Warming. Will the United States help to control it or choose to make it a bigger problem?

1 Hotter word
2 Extreme weather
3 Heat wars
4 A hazy blanket
5 This “greenhouseeffect”
6 An international agreement
7 Environmental groups
8 Important world personalities
9 Global warming
10 A bigger problem
by 2100 around the earth on theearth today
on the planet in the past into the atmosphere
recently somewhere in power plants

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