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Hi Tanya,

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning here in Brasília and i’m writing this email to you in the Garden of my home.It’s summer here and I usually wakes up realy early and haves breakfast in the garden when it’s very hot. At the moment my brother Fábio swimming in the pool na my Mom and Dad are going to work.Fábio and I are lucky because it’s our summer vacations and we haven’t go to school. Fábio studies for his exams at the moment but at least he can review review by the poll!
A cousin ofours staying whit us at the moment. His name is Marco and he lives in Italy. He speakes italian as well as the portuguese. He is olderthan us and he helping dad and mom in their business[...]he doesn’t likes hot weather and he haves to wear a suit in the office every day.
How are you and what you do? It’s winter in New York, isn’t? Is very cold? It’s snowing? Are you invacation right now? How many weeks vacation you have for christmas? We Always haves two weeks.
Write to me soon,

1.get[ f ]2.tell[ d ] 3.get up[ e ] 4.go[ a ] 5.make[ c ] 6.do[ b ]
Pag. 313
a) Do you have to be home by 10 o’clock? Yes, I do
b)can you eat anything you like? Yes, I can
c) Can you have parties at home? No, I can’t
d) Do you have to keep your room tidy? Yes, I do
e) Can you stay over at a friend’s home? No, Ican’t

a) We don’t have to stand up when a teacher come in the room.
b) We can speak at our friends in class.
c) We have towear school uniform
d) We don’t have to do two hours homework every evening
e) We can be late for classes

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