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Dp1 - First of all good afternoon classmates and teacher. Our work is about communication and ethics and speaks of the evolution of the media and its dangers to society.
Inês P.
Dp2 - The mobilephone has revolutionized the history of communication. With it we can contact all the people over the world. But that will take into account several aspects for its use to be safe:
* Do not put thecontact on social networks;
* Avoid excessive use of the mobile phone because this can become addictive;
* Be careful with the anonymous calls.

Dp3 - The computer has brought media moreeffective and rapid. Proof of this are the chats, social networks, online games, etc. ...
However for computer use should be taken into account some aspects:
* Be careful to those who we connectvirtually;
* Rafaela
Do not spend too much time on the computer as this may affect the social life;
* Avoid sites where registration information is asked intimate character as the phone number. 
Inês V.
Dp4 - The letter is probably one of the oldest media. In young people this means of communication but was overtaken in community service is still the most used.
However letter hassome disadvantages:
* The information takes longer to reach the addressee;
* The probability of loss of card that can cause serious
Dp5 - Social networks have opened a door tothe virtual social world.
Through social networks we can communicate with people all over the world and make new friends.
But when it comes to social networks should take into account certain aspects:* David
We should not expose our privacy on social networks such as photos and personal information;
* We must not exchange information with intimate character who does not know well sinceit may be a pedophile;
* Social networks can cause many victims of cyber bulling.

Dp6 - We conclude therefore that the media have evolved however this has its consequences such as...
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