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AIAA RS6-2008-1003

6th Responsive Space Conference Los Angeles, CA, April 28–May 1, 2008

ORS Mission Utility and Measures of Effectiveness
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James R. Wertz

April 29, 2008
4740 West 147th Street Hawthorne, CA 90250 Phone: (310) 219-2700 FAX: 310-219-2710 E-mail: web:


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Introduction to Mission Utility and Measures of Effectiveness (MoEs) The Need for Mission Utility Analysis MoEs that Don’t Work MoEs for ORS Quantifying MoEs Example: The Hawaii Disaster


Introduction to Mission Utility

A performance assessment measures how well the system meets its quantitative goals and requirements
– Engineering oriented

Mission Utility is the quantitative expression of how well the system meets its overall mission objectives
– User oriented — what will it do for the warfighter or the victim? Provide feedback for the mission design Provide quantitative information for the decision-making community • Should we buy an ORSSat or buy more UAVs? The space system doesn’t matter — the warfighter doesn’t care about “how,” only “what” the system can do for them They don’t want another piece of equipment that will serve mostly as something to put under the wheels of the truck when it gets stuck The issue is, What can Responsive Space do for the warfighter or for people who need help Ultimately, ORS is not about launch systems or spacecraft. It’s about what we can do to help the warfighter or the cop in New Orleans, at low cost, by tomorrow morning (or, better, this afternoon). That’s what Mission Utility is intended to measure.

Two distinct objectives of utility analysis
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Critical Mission Utility lessons from the RS5 Warfigher panel:
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The Need for Mission Utility Analysis for ORS

A key issue in the ORS debate is whether and to what extent Responsive Space systems have sufficient utility to warrant the funding required


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