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Critical Review -
Leg Pro Air 2
Summary: From Legs pro Air 2 is fun and will make you laugh, but do not expect much. Ingrid Guimarães tries at all costs to be a Sarah Jessica Parker BrazilianCritic | Movie Review Of Legs pro Air 2, continued long with Ingrid Guimarães returning to the role of Alice. The film comes with a responsibility to repeat the success of the first and at least reach the3 million viewers in the view of the first version in 2010.
In pro-legged Air 2 we see that the success of the shop fri Alice (Ingrid Guimarães) eMarcela (Maria Paula) has grown since the firstfilm. Now they find themselves in a dilemma: on the medical order to avoid a nervous breakdown, Alice undergoes a spa to relax, just when you're hitting the contract opening of the first franchise storein New York. Alice then convinces the family to travel to the city on holiday, to play the negotiation hidden from her husband.
The film is divided into two stages: the admission of Alice and thescenes in New York. And I must say that none of them improves the story or convincing. Not that I expect it's a comedy, even more national, as the style "comedy of errors" in the grace that is to see thecharacters giving to commit evil slips out of place, is common in Brazilian cinema.
Rush and confusion. The ingredients of pro-legged Air 2.
Leg Pro Air 2 entertains. In film many people laughedloudly, myself included, and that is what most people seek in a comedy on vacation. But nonsense sometimes can irritate the eyes more attentive, as in the scene where a woman reaches orgasm screaming andthe scene cuts to a changing baby diapers. No, Arnold, it can not.
The characters were the biggest waste of Tata Werneck, as an actress kleptomaniac and addicted to Facebook and Luis Miranda, like abizarre version of the player Vagner Love who suffers from acute sexual compulsion. Frankly I think the film would be better to invest more in this nucleus and decreased the time the scenes in New...
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