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A Padaria Portuguesa
October 21st 2012

CEO: Nunho Carvalho

What you need to know about us...

A PadariaPortuguesa is a chain of bakery stores founded on the 5th of November 2010 by Nunho Carvalho, CEO. At present, there are 10 stores in different locations in Lisbon. It’s a company balancing an image ofcontemporary and traditional elements in a market worth more than 5 billion euros in Portugal.

Our strengths
When founding the company, the main insight was to distinguish our business from thetypical father-to-son neighborhood bakeries, adding more quality in the products and adopting new forms of organization and modern management. Still, the friendly service and the decoration are aimed atpreserving that traditional “neighborhood” spirit and provide a multisensory experience for the consumer, combining traditional decoration with only Portugal music as a background and a friendly service.“We want the employee to already know what the consumer will eat as soon as they enter the store.”

So, basically, we’ve tried to position our stores as ones that offer:
* A quality/price ratioabove the average;
* Store environment with warm décor;
* Concern in the use of Portuguese products;
* Warm and friendly service;
* Active role in the neighborhood life.

Some details about ourproducts. Compared to our competitors on the market, we offer a smaller variety, but an efficient production and depth in the set. Still, we offer over 30 types of bread, with hot bread out severaltimes a day, all types, tastes and sizes; cakes and sandwiches, pastries and coffee, sweets and salties.
Since the best selling item in pastries is the pastel de nata, we decided to distinguish bydeveloping a brand new product – “o pão de deus”, which became a bestseller itself.
A useful insight here is that the typical Portuguese consumer has the habit of taking the spout, breakfast and...
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