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  • Publicado : 18 de março de 2013
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Entrevistado: Vinicius Rodrigues Brussolo
1- Marketing is important to make the market more known for the companies2- Very large, it reaches from sports until Agronomic companies, and many others more.
3- He doesn’t know but he take a guess: very complexsearches about the market and the products that people need or want
The marketer needs to know everything about the target audience that’s related to your product4- It changed a lot, in the first beginning, the universe of the search was pretty smaller than today.
The technology helped a lot to improve thesearches and, therefore, the marketing
5- Need to invest in searches and competent employers.
The marketers need to know the market what them are workingfor.
The marketing team need to work together to reach better results.

Manoel Ricardo Navarro Borges

1- Marketing is important to strengthen thebrand, and to make your company more known in the market.
2- The internal marketing gathering with your employers
Now a days, the marketing has nobarriers because of the globalization. It helped to create a much wilder market
3- Add value to your brand and create a strong relationship with your client4- It keeps chance trough the years. The strongest reason is the new tools available like:
easier new information and broadest market
5- Marketsearches, competent professionals, trace a strategy, etc.
We belive that we can win, we can run forever more, our mission is to bring peace and me can