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Method A: Installation with the InstallerUsing the installer version is the easiest way to install XAMPP.After the installation is complete, you will find XAMPP under Start | Programs | XAMPP. You can use the XAMPP Control Panel to start/stop all server and also install/uninstall services.The XAMPP control panel for start/stop Apache, MySQL, FilaZilla & Mercury or install these server asservices.Method B: "Installation" without the InstallerUnzip the zip archives into the folder of your choice. XAMPP is extracting to the subdirectory "[Ziel]\xampp" below the selected target directory. Now start the file "setup_xampp.bat", to adjust the XAMPP configuration to your system. If you choose a root directory "C:\" as target, you must not start "setup_xampp.bat". Like with the installerversion, you can now use the "XAMPP Control Panel" for additional tasks. I want to start XAMPP without setupIf you extract XAMPP in a top level folder like "C:\" or "D:\", you can start most servers like Apache or MySQL directly without execution of the file "setup_xampp.bat". Not using the setup script, or selecting relative paths in the setup script, is preferred if you are installing XAMPP on a usbdrive. Because on each pc such a drive can have an other drive letter. You can switch from absolute to relative paths at any time with the setup script. Start, stop, test the XAMPP serversThe universal control center is the "XAMPP Control Panel" (thanks www.nat32.com). It is started with:\xampp\xampp-control.exe As you know this from older XAMPP versions, you can also use some batchfiles tostart/stop the servers: Apache & MySQL start:\xampp\xampp_start.exeApache & MySQL stop:\xampp\xampp_stop.exeNur Apache start:\xampp\apache_start.batNur Apache stop:\xampp\apache_stop.batNur MySQL start:\xampp\mysql_start.batNur MySQL stop:\xampp\mysql_stop.batMercury Mailserver start:\xampp\mercury_start.batMercury Mailserver stop:\xampp\mercury_stop.batFileZilla Serverstart:\xampp\filezilla_start.batFileZilla Server stop:\xampp\filezilla_stop.batTestAfter starting of Apache (and MySQL), go to the address http://localhost/ or in your browser and examine all of the XAMPP examples and tools. Installing a particular server as as serviceEach server in XAMPP you can install also as Windows service: Apache service install:\xampp\apache\apache_installservice.batApacheservice uninstall:\xampp\apache\apache_uninstallservice.batMySQL service install:\xampp\mysql\mysql_installservice.batMySQL service uninstall:\xampp\mysql\mysql_uninstallservice.batFileZilla service (un)install:\xampp\filezilla_setup.batMercury:No service installation available!The XAMPP upgradesWith a new XAMPP version, there is normally a upgrade package too. Additionally, we have sometimes smallpatches between the releases. An upgrade is always problematically and there can be errors in the upgrade process. Because of this, you should always make a backup from your XAMPP folder before you upgrade it. werden. We are trying to adjust your configuration files during the upgrade progress, if necessary. Especially if a new XAMPP have a lot of changes compared to the old one, we are providing noupgrade package for security reasons. Sorry. As with the add-ons, install the upgrade directly into the XAMPP directory (e.g. "C:\xampp"). And you must also start the setup script "setup_xampp.bat". The XAMPP security consoleAs mentioned at another place, XAMPP is not meant for production use but only for developers in a development environment. XAMPP is configured is to be as open as possible andto allow the web developer anything he/she wants. For development environments this is great but in a production environment it could be fatal. Here a list of missing security in XAMPP: * The MySQL administrator (root) has no password. * The MySQL daemon is accessible via network. * phpMyAdmin is accessible via network. * The XAMPP demopage is accessible via network. * The default...
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