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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to verbalize my profound concern over the football match that happened this weekend in Campinas. As it is known, both soccer teams – Ponte Preta and Guarani– are from the same city and their respectively organized group of supporters had always been each others enemy, and when they meet for a match is an enormous danger for people who are there to watchthe game, sometimes families. Therefore, different are the reasons that made me truly think the match has shown several reasons to be considered highly dangerous and bad organized.
On Saturday,my sons and I went to the field to support our team. Had I known how terribly unsafe we were, we would not have gone, preferring the commodity and security of our home. There was not enough policesupport: little number of police men could be seen in the entire stadium for hundreds of supporters. It is essential for a game like this have doubled policial protection and supervision, at least.During all the game, supporters were using fireworks in an incredibly short distance from one another, from players and obviously in the wrong place. Innumerable were the times that a firework didnot explode perfectly and fell down in the middle of the supporters, and once again no enough control had been done by the safety department.
So utterly hazard was I feeling that I decided toleave earlier, scared by those deeply disturbed by –as they call themselves – organized group of supporters from the adversary team. They were offending their opponents, not to mention throwingobjects, sometimes even stones, in them. I had lived sixty minutes of pure terror.
I can not understand how people can transform an event like this, where you meet friends and family to cheer foryour team, into a war. People could have got burned by the fireworks, or seriously injured when hit by a stone. Furthermore, they could die because a disregardement within people’s security....
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