Working illegally

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  • Publicado : 14 de outubro de 2012
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Working illegally in immigration terms is defined by the employment of people subject to immigration control who do not have the lawful bases forwork in another country. I mean, someone who comes from another country and is not authorized and has no legitimization to work , is working illegally .Work illegally is good for the employers and bad for employees.
To begin the employers who employ immigrants from another country are subject toimmigration control, and if they are caught they have to pay a fine. For example in UK it is an offence to employ a person subject to immigration controlwho either does not valid leave or is not permitted under the terms of their leave to work and the fine for the offence is 5000 pounds.
In spite ofbeing punished for illegal employing , employers through illegal work can fail to pay income tax and national insurance. However the employees aredeceived because employers promise certain liabilities when they make the contract and then they don’t fulfil. The immigrants are subject to low pay andpoor working conditions such as Portuguese people who goes to switezerland and they are confronted with this situation.
I support the idea thatillegal working is good for employers because they can escape all taxes and by the other way it’s bad for employees who are often victims of explorationand subject to poor conditions of work.
To conclude , illegal work must be fought in order to benefit both parts and ensure a lawful and safe work
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