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English Test

Curse: Seller

Teacher: João Paulo Massotti

Name:_____________________________________________________________________ I – Choose the correct alternative 1. What do you do? a) They areactors. b) She is a homemaker. c) I’m a singer. 2. a) b) c) 3. a) b) c) 4. a) b) c) 5. a) b) c) 6. a) b) c) 7. a) b) c) 8. a) b) c) 9. a) b) c) 10. a) b) c) Are Carol and Luiz students? Yes, theyare. Yes, they’re. Yes, they are not. ____ is Mr. John. I She He Is Carla a nurse? Yes, she’s. Yes, she is. No, she’s not. She’s a nurse. ______ a nurse? You are She is Are you _____ she an athlete? AmIs Are Who are they? He’s my father. They’re an actor. My neighbors That’s my sister. ___ name is Solange. His Her My The plural of ‘he’ is: They He’s You ‘How’s it going’? How are you? Fine, thanks.He’s my son. II – Answer the questions using the best alternative a. No, he is single / b. So-so / c. No, I’m old / d. Yes, I am / e. I’m a boy / f. Yes, she is. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Are you young? Isyour mother tall? Is your teacher married? Are you happy? Are you boy or girl? Are you a good student?

III – Give the phone number according to the conversation: Annie: What’s your name? Art Stein: ArtStein. Annie: Ok. And what’s your phone number? Art Stein: Four, seven, eight, nine, eight, zero, three. And your? Annie: My phone number is five, two, seven, six, four, eight, three. Art. Stein: Ok.Thanks Art’s phone: ______________________________ Annie’s phone: _____________________________ IV – Relate the words bellow. 1. Listen 2. Speak 3. Read 4. Write 5. a question 6. point 7. circle 8.complete 9. a letter 10. a word ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) circular )uma palavra )completar ) apontar ) ouvir ) uma pergunta ) uma letra ) falar ) escrever ) ler

IV – Rewrite the sentences again. Use thecontract form of verb “be” Ex: We are engineer = We’re engineer.
1. 2. 3. I am Jack. You are a student. It is a book. 4. She is an artist. 5. He is a businessman.

V – Write “a” or “an” 1. __ sentence...