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Collector's Book

Start Point: During first visit to Engeve, after being accused of apple theft and resting at the inn
Cutoff: Enter Akzeriuth
Misc Requirement: n/a
Talk to the man Luke almost stole an apple from
As he asks, retrieve the Secret Box from the Cheagle Woods.
Return the Secret Box to the man, and you will be given the Collector's Book. Food prices in Engeve lower by 20%.Note: You can carry over Collector Book data in the Grade Shop even if you didn't get the Collector Book.

St. Binah Medicine Shop

Start Point: First visit to St. Binah
Cutoff: Enter Akzeriuth
Misc Requirement: n/a
Enter the pharmacy on the right side of the city and talk to the man on the left side of the counter.
Give him a Gel Base and Cotton, which can be collected from Search Points 1and 4 respectively. (Note: Search points will refill whenever you enter a town or dungeon, but it might be easier to save before checking the search point so you can just load if you don't get Gel Base and cotton.)
Give the man those items, and you'll be given a Miracle Gel, another medicine shop will open, and mecidine prices in St. Binah decrease by 20%.

Big Tree of St. Binah

Start Point:After meeting McGovern
Cutoff: Enter Akzeriuth
Misc Requirement: n/a
Climb up the ladder on the right side of St. Binah for a scene.
Sonic Thrust

Start Point: Guy joins the party
Cutoff: Enter Akzeriuth
Misc Requirement: n/a
Stay at the inn in one of the following places: St. Binal, Kaitzur, Kaitzur Naval Port. Luke will learn Sonic Thrust.

Noir Fanclub

The parts of this quest mustbe done in order.

Part 1

Start Point: Meet McGovern
Cutoff: Go to Fubras River (more specifically, when you meet Arietta)
Misc Requirement: n/a
Shoot Mieu's fire at the poster on the bulletin board on the right side of St. Binah. There will be a scene.
You'll get 200 gald, with which you are supposed to pay Ayn's membership fee.
Part 2

Start Point: First visit to Chesedonia
Cutoff:Clear Zao Ruins and head to Kaitzur Naval Port
Misc Requirement: n/a
The person you need to talk to is hard to see but is in front of the Malkuth-side inn. Talk to him and pay 1000 gald to get the Fanzine.
Part 3

Start Point: Complete part 2
Cutoff: collapse of St. Binah
Misc Requirement: n/a
Revisit St. Binah and talk to Ayn where you met him before. You'll get 800 gald.

Sword DancerYou must fight these in order, so if you miss one, you can't fight the one(s) after it.

Part 1

Start Point: Defeat the boss (Arietta) at Choral Castle
Cutoff: Enter Akzeriuth
Misc Requirement: n/a
Examine the sword in the lobby of Coral Castle.
Fight the Sword Dancer. It has 17000 HP.
You will pass this way later, on your way to Deo Mountain Pass, and he will be easy to kill then.Part 2

Start Point: Heading for Grand Chokmah from Rotelro Bridge
Cutoff: Defeat the boss (Van)at Absorption Gate
Misc Requirement: n/a
Examine the search point south east of Teor Forest to fight the second Sword Dancer.
It has 86000 HP and drops the Genius Wand and Energy Tablets. You can steal a Grass Chamber.
Part 3

Start Point: Meet Arietta at Feres Island
Cutoff: n/a
MiscRequirement: n/a
Examine the sword near the mansion to fight the third Sword Dancer.
It has 86000 HP and drops Ultimetid. You can steal a Sunlight Chamber. (Note: Run away and then enter the fight again to be able to steal more Sunlight Chambers!)

Tear's Pendant

Tear's Pendant increases fonic attack and foni defense by 20%.

Part 1

Start Point: First arrive at Chesedonia
Cutoff: Go toAstor's mansion
Misc Requirement: n/a
Find and talk to the man Tear gave her pendant to. He's in the north part of the city. You'll learn he sold the pendant in Grand Chokmah.
Part 2

Start Point: After Chesedonia is lowered
Cutoff: none
Misc Requirement: n/a
Talk to the same man again (he's in the same place as above) to learn who the pendant was sold to.
Find Raiz in the Grand Chokmah...