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Trabalho como exigência para nota final do 2º bimestre do 2° período de 2011 da disciplina de Gramática Intermediaria de língua Inglesa, ministrada pelo professor João Lúcio.


-Complete as frases a seguir usando verbos da relação que acabamos de apresentar. Para facilitar, damos o sentido desejado entre parênteses.

1. The robbers got in the bank througha back door and run away with a lot of money. (entraram; escaparam)
2. We’ve to have no beer. I’m going to the supermarket some. (estamos sem; buscar)
3. Mary rings me up to say that the meeting had been put off.(telefonou; adiado)
4. Watch out! You were almost run over by that carl. ( cuidado; atropelado)
5. Charles takes off his dirty jeans and get dressed clean trousers before going to the restaurant. (tirou; vestiu)
6. I ran after the thief but unfortunately he get away. (corri atrás; safou-se escapou)
7. This is a job that demands a lot of patient. (exige)
8. After he … his books …Jhonny … to play with his friends. (guardou; saio)
9. Who’s going to … your dog when you … on vacation? (cuidar; sair)
10. While walking along Main street yesterday. I … an old friend of mine. (encontrei inesperadamente)
11. Don and Bob used to be enemies, but now they’ve … . (fizeram as pazes)
12. After Mr Williams … his position as chairman, his son … the company. (desistiu de,abandonou; assumiu a direção)

- Construa frases com as seguintes expresses idiomáticas.

You only pay for the electricity you actually use.
After all
After all, what are you do?
All day long
She doesn’t eat anything all day long.
All of a sudden
You're quiet all of a sudden. What gives?

And, anyway, I won't be here in the morning.
As a matter of fact
As a matter of fact, it's veryuncomfortable for me.

As a rule
It was defined as 'system or rule of terror'.
As far as
Gordon Brown for King as far as I am concerned.
As long as
As long as mankind survives, is there a problem?

As soon as
You’ll see him as soon as possible.

As well
As long as there is, we will be creating an effective Magna Carta of rights and freedoms, as well as, obviously, security for the citizens.
At all
Not atall.
At any rate
I later discovered that I could not have been more wrong - about the cheating, at any rate.
At first
At first glance, the photographs seem innocuous enough.
At most
It is at most stupid.
At once
We must go at once.
At present
At present there is no cure for CF.
At random
That is not an at random date.

At times
At times the people change.
Back and fourth
Several e-mails have goneback and forth to no avail.
By all means
By all means everybody study English.
By chance
Do you have an English book, by chance?
By far
By far you are first.
By heart
She is a people by heart.
By no means
By no means do you go again.
By the way
And, by the way, these checks are on the way.
I am currently exploring those ideas.

Even though
Even though the familiar was depressing, itwas all I knew.

Excuse me
Excuse me, do you live in Manaus?
Fairly well
As far as consolidation is concerned, work is progressing fairly well.
From now on
Yeah, I'm gonna be squared away from now on.
Hardly ever
This is hardly ever discussed.

How come?
How come you are blind?
Our Europe is becoming increasingly complex.
In order to
We’re in order to by a car.
Instead of
Instead of,dare I say, hand-to-hand fighting against the budget by using our power, what do we do?
In the meantime
In the meantime the business will continue to trade as normal.

In time
He helped her in time.
Just now
Did you play that tune just now?
Little by little
And if we could just keep doing this, little by little, we're going to get through it.

Most of the time
And most of the time, I learn it by...