The ideal manager

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  • Publicado : 4 de junho de 2012
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Managing a business in today's day requires more than exercise the basic functions of management: how to plan, organize and control. The threats to the organizations, coming from customers,competition and result of changes in a socioeconomic context requires great skills. Understanding the behavior of individuals and groups in situations of work is the study field of Organizational Behavior. Inparticular, it investigates issues related to leadership and power, structures and group processes, learning, perception, attitude, changing processes and conflict among other topics that affectsindividuals and teams in organizations. This paper aims to analyze the profile of what the ideal manager would be.
The pressure on companies is increasing, requiring the people, and especially of itsmanagers different safe ways to achieve better results. Leadership, responsibility, responsiveness, organization and balance. For a good manager to administer, he needs to have these characteristics and,moreover, he needs to know how and when to interact with his employees, for example, be a counselor, friend and boss are attributes that are indispensable for the ideal manager.
The manager mustalso motivate its employees. Motivate the team and worry about the formation of a good team is another attribute that every good manager should have. He has to make the team wear the company's shirt, hasto motivate sellers and know how to be firm without being overbearing.

It is important to remember that it is the manager who helps the seller on a sale or other more difficult problems. There aremany good salesmen who when promoted to managers were not good in its job and the consequence was the resignation of these sellers. Training is a way to ensure good managers.
Learning happens inpractice, but there are good options of courses that help professionals. A good manager must be a leader, responsible, secure, organized, versatile, understanding and respectful. The manager must...