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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: Development New Features

REVIEW V1.1 Released: March 26, 2011

REVIEW V1.1 Released: March 26, 2011
Module 4 - Table Inheritance (Lab Manual)

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Table of Contents
Lab: Table Inheritance 1
Challenge Yourself 1
Step by Step Instructions 3
Create a Base Table 3
Create Two Derived Tables 3
Create a Derived Table thatExtends Another Derived Table 4
Perform Inserts into a Table Hierarchy 4
Select Records from a Table Hierarchy 5
Perform Updates in a Table Hierarchy 6
Perform Deletes in a Table Hierarchy 7
Add a Derived Table as a Data Source to a Form 9
Add a Base Table as a Data Source to a Form 9

Lab: Table Inheritance
In this lab, you will implement table inheritance. You will also performcreate, update, select and delete statements against tables that are in an inheritance hierarchy. Lastly, you will add the tables you implemented to a form and manipulate the data through the form.
Challenge Yourself
1. Create a base table called Shoe.
2. Set the SupportInheritance property to Yes and create an InstanceRelationType field on the table.
3. Add the following fields to the...
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