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For 5kV-35kV Distribution Systems
Loadbreak & Deadbreak Separable Connectors Cable Joints Cable Terminations

Product Selection Guide


Product Guide PG-CA provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive listing of Elastimold products for 5kV thru 35kV underground power distribution systems. Included are separable elbow connectors,cable joints, terminations and other cable accessory components. This catalog incorporates information relative to product application, ratings and selection. The Thomas & Betts Elastimold brand is recognized as the leading producer of premolded cable accessory components worldwide. Utilizing specially formulated materials with 100% peroxide-cured insulation and shielding, Elastimold productsrepresent the state-of-the-art in premolded process technology. Durable, quality construction and non-degrading, high-reliability, maintenance-free performance is assured when specifying Elastimold products. Elastimold’s broad line of premolded products offers significant advantages over field-fabricated and other alternatives, including: 100% factory assurance testing prior to delivery andinstallation; simplified, single-piece construction with built-in insulating, shielding and sealing surfaces; ease of installation with no special skills or tools required; and compact, lightweight, durable designs for easy handling and application.

Separable Elbow Connectors and their related accessories are

available in 200 Amp loadbreak, 200 Amp deadbreak and 600 Amp deadbreak styles. Rated forpadmount, subsurface, vault, indoor, outdoor and other applications, units feature interchangeable interfaces which can be easily engaged or separated to provide a convenient method to connect or disconnect cable and equipment in a distribution system.

Cable Joints are available in permanently crimped or bolted (separable) connector styles. Permanently crimped units are rated the same as the cablethey are connecting and are available for all applications including direct buried.
Rated for indoor, outdoor or padmount applications, units allow connection and transition from shielded underground cables to bare overhead conductors and live-front equipment.

Cable Terminations are available in single-piece or modular designs.

Elastimold Special Component Services Group provides customproducts tailored to specific application requirements. Please contact the factory for further information regarding this service. For Surge Arresters and Fused Elbows, please see Elastimold Product Guides, PG-PC-E and PG-PC-H.


Certified Tests & Performance
Ratings Standard Interfaces for Separable Connectors, Components & Equipment Bushings 200 Amp Loadbreak 200Amp Deadbreak 600 Series Deadbreak 600 Series Deadbreak – Cam-Op™, Link-Op™ 600 Series Deadbreak – Stick-Op™, Window-Op™ 600 Series Deadbreak – Cable Joints Molded Multi-Point Junctions Cable Joints Cable Terminations Shield Adapters, Sealing & Grounding Equipment Bushings How to Specify Size-Sensitive Products AEIC & ICEA Cable Insulation Diameter Cable Conductor Diameter WX Size Tables Index Pg.2

Separable Connector Interfaces
Pg. 3

Separable Connectors
Pg. 4-7 8-9 10-13 14-15 16-17 18-19

Molded Multi-Point Junctions
Pg. 20-21

PCJ Cable Joints
Pg. 22-23

Cable Terminations
Pg. 24-27

Shield Adapters, Grounding Kits and Jacket Seals
Pg. 28-29

Equipment Bushings
Pg. 30

Pg. 32-33 34-36 37 38-39

Pg. 40-41


Thomas & BettsCorporation 8155 T&B Boulevard Memphis, TN 38125 800.888.0211 www.tnb.com


Elastimold Separable Connectors, Cable Joints, Cable Terminators and other cable accessory products have been designed and tested per applicable portions of IEEE, ANSI and other industry standards including: • IEEE 386™ Standard For Separable Connectors • IEEE 404™ Standard For Cable Joints...
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