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Executive Summary for Lojas Marisa

Bernardo Goldfarb, founder of Marisa, was almost born in a shoe store made by his father. The first store with 21m2 was opened in 1948 and step by step they started conquering the women’s apparel market, by selling clothes and accessories of major manufactures with competitive prices.  Lojas Marisa today has 10.000 employees and over 280 stores nationwide.Their strategic plan is to double the number of stores by 2015. There is also speculation that they are looking to buy a very large shoe store in Brazil. Marisa today is number 4 in the retail market. They trade in the Brazilian Stock exchange as AMAR3.

At this moment they are into a major cost cutting initiative focusing expenses only into sales. The Goldfarb family, the major stockholdersthat controls Lojas Marisa, usually goes through a cost cutting process at this time of the year and pushes vendors for large discounts.

History with Kaseya and Revenue to date

Customer since October, 29 2009 with a first deal of 3.000 agents. Their biggest need was to have Linux agents to monitor and manage the POS at the stores. They actually licensed our Lynux agents before it was GA.Today they have 10.000 agents to support their store infrastructure. This represents a net business to date for Kaseya of US$313K. They are using audit, inventory, remote control, deployment, some procedures and reports. The big benefits is that they have today is a single tool to manage the distributed environment and keep their stores operational.

Potential to Kaseya

We are working theopportunity to manage their offices and distribution centers around Brazil. If we add to their schedule of an additional +90 stores + backoffice and distribution centers, this should add +6000 agents, for an estimated net of $200K in additional licenses. Adding Maintenance to this number, we should have a potential opportunity of US$250K NET to Kaseya in the next 12 months.

Meeting participantsMendel Szlejf is CIO for Lojas Marisa since 1996. Before he was an IT service provider for Lojas Marisa.

Challenges and issues.

Because they where an early adopter of our Lynux solution, they experienced a significant amount of tech issues that for almost over a year they really did not get any value of their investment. So managing effectively the different support needs have become akey challenge. We have a big delay between an opened issue and a resolution. This is caused by customer environment, poor connection and limited support access.

Today we have a proposal to have a Kaseya TAM 25% of the time to manage all these issues and to improve the solution utilization. But as they are in cost cutting mode, this proposal is on hold as they look for ways to justify theresource.

The second challenge is that competition is creeping in. CA has on the table a proposal for a full blown IT Governance solution where they are including Desktop management as part of a bundle deal. They have taken the CIO to their headquarters in Long Island, wine and dined him, and are pushing hard for a relationship sale.

Meeting objectives

It is important to articulate ourcommitment to Loja Marisa, and recognize the important role they play in the Brazil Market place.
Summarize our investments in Customer Services and Support Worldwide
Set the stage to pursue a more broader licensing agreement aligned to their growth.
Extend an invitation to participate in future Kaseya Connect as a speaker?? He likes to be wined and dined.

Executive Summary for Connectcom /UOL

UOL is the most renowned and largest Brazilian portal content and Internet services provider. It has the most extensive content in Portuguese and attracts seven of ten Internet users in Brazil. They have products directed to the corporate and consumer market and net income has reached USD180 million in the first quarter of 2011, an increase of 62% over the same quarter of 2010. Last...