Teen dating

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Teen Dating

Dating is one of the biggest milestones during teenage. It can be very exciting but also scary! No one teaches us (teens) how to talk to that boy or girl, how to ask someone on a dateor how to seduce the person that we like. It can be confuse and a mysterious theme. We rarely understand the opposite sex.
A date is a meeting between two or more people where they exchangeinterests and stay to meeting better each other. Normally, we think that is between people that like more that is accepted in a friendship, but can also be between just friends!
It’s a way to find the oneswe could like to know better and possibly have a relationship with. But there are also other reasons to go on dates: it is funny, exciting and people can create closeness between themselves.However teen dating isn’t a pinky world! It can to entice/persuade a person to do wrong things. It can pressure teens because they are focus on building a relationship as long as they are facing teenagechanges and then they can face potential problems like substance abuse, teen dating violence, risky sexual behaviour or the psychological problems that they face when their relationship broke up.
Thereis scientifically proved that if we pass much time with our boyfriend/girlfriend, we can more easily try drugs or alcohol and teen dating violence is increasing. Moreover, there are the health risksthat teens are submitted when they begin their sexual activity.
Teen dating can be a fantastic milestone of our life but we need be careful because it can also expose/show us to serious problems. Weneed to be relaxed and to make use of everyday of the right way!

(Personal opinion 1: that’s why I think that freedom is the best gift that we have. We must be free! And to make use of this phaseof our life without seize us to anyone.)
(Personal opinion 2: My opinion is different. I think being in a relationship isn’t like being in jail. It doesn’t mean we aren’t free. It only means that...
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