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  • Publicado : 20 de abril de 2012
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Speaker Point™ Music Added Anywhere — Instantly
The Control4® Speaker Point™ makes delivering audio throughout the home easy and
cost effective. This truly easy-to-use device with its integrated 50watt per channel
digital amplifier instantly delivers music to any room from any connected music
source in the house. Its small design and wireless capability allows Speaker Point
units to bediscreetly located throughout the house. And its simple installation and
configuration makes setting up and using the Speaker Point a breeze.
It’s all part of the Control4 vision. We bring the benefitsof a truly automated home to
more people with solutions that are affordable, easy to install and designed to adapt
to any home or lifestyle.

Features and Benefits
Simple Elegance In Any Room
•Compact footprint — Small design allows it to be placed discreetly throughout the home.
• Horizontal or vertical orientation — C an be placed flat or upright, in any inconspicuous
location aroundthe home.

Intuitive For Every User
• Easy to control — Select and play music using any Control4 System Remote Control,
Touch Screen, or Keypad.
• Easy to use — Plug it in, connect the speakers andit’s ready to go.

Stream blues to your kitchen, jazz
to your living room and rock and roll
upstairs — wired or wirelessly. With
Speaker Point, everyone’s favorite music
can be played anywherein the home.

Easy To Install

Plug and play ease — Simple, intuitive set up.
Wi-Fi option — No special cables to pull through the home. Connects easily to a WiFi network.
Wiredoption — Ethernet version is perfect for new construction installations.
Absolute integration and control — Works with any speakers, integrates seamlessly with the
Control4 home automation system.Intelligent From Front to Back
• Built-in amplifier — On-board, digital 50 watt per channel amplifier fills the room with sound.
• Remote controls — Control the music playing in any room from any...