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Team Health Check Questionnaire

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. - Henry Ford

Developed By Alyse Ashton & Richard Spence
April 2012 (updated July2012)
The Team Health check model copyright Ashton and Spence Sept 2011 Alyse Ashton: 0118 9331079 Richard Spence: 020 7243 3295
1 About the Team Health Check (THC)
The THC is designed to create objective discussion about team performance. It helps you work out how well a team is working at the moment and identify the areas you want to address to move team performance to the next level. We noticed in our work that organisations invest significant time and effort in getting strategy right rategy and developing talentedindividuals. We recognised that key teams have a big impact on wider organisational performance. Yet h often how do we check out how they are doing? We created this model drawing on our experience of working with teams in organisations and on ng current thinking in this field. We then tested and refined our thinking with leaders. The model isn’t intended to be exhaustive – we’ve focu focused on factors wehave found make the most difference.

What it doesn’t do...
The THC is designed to give you a structured method of analysing team effectiveness. Developing a team is not a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, so we do not advocate a fixed series of approaches to addr f address any gap in performance. That’s where further discussion with an experienced internal or external team development professionalcan help.

How might the Team Health Check help you:
• • • • As Leader/ CEO/ HR/ L&D – Use it to help you review the performance of a team and create a clear set of priorities to move forward forward. As a Team – Use this to share your perspectives about team performance, celebrate your successes successes, think about key priorities and why these are important for you to grow further. As aTeam coach/ facilitator – Use this to home in on what will help this team take the next step so you can focus your efforts on what matters most most. As an organisation – Use this tool as a temperature check. Which teams have the most impact and se how do they stack up? Where could you invest time and effort to get the most return? here

Fair use:
The Team Health Check was developed by AlyseAshton and Richard Spence and the copyright jointly owned by Eye 2 Eye Development Ltd and Clear Pictures Ltd. You may use this model with clients or colleagues provided you do not change or adapt it in . any way. You may print, share or forward our PDF and spreadsheet documents in their entirety but should not cut and paste the content or any part of it into anything else. In particular, pleaseensure our biographies, logos and company details remain part of the documents and that you refer to us if creating supporting slides to explain the model. Do get in touch if you would like to discuss different ways to use the model. We reserve the right to change the conditions of use at any time.


The Team Health Check Model eam


Clarity of Shared Direction
When the team has a sharedunderstanding of what they are trying to achieve, why and what success looks like, it results in the best outcomes. Team members need to show the way and model the right behaviours – both in terms of direction and how people behave and work together.

Focus on Results and Outcomes
The team pays attention to the things that matter and their proper direction. They make tough calls, consciouslydivide their time and stay focused on their joint goals.

Courageous Challenge
The team confronts reality and has frank conversations. This creates energy and a sense of striving for success. There is positive challenge with the intention of improving outcomes rather than protecting egos and turf or playing political power games.

Joint Accountability
Team members take responsibility for...