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  • Publicado : 21 de novembro de 2012
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Daoism is a religion that emerged in China in the second century and originated in an eastern philosophy known as Tao, which means path, in ourlife we can follow multiples paths and the Tao teaches that the natural force binds all things in our world, this natural force that holdseverything together is the main aspect. For this reason some of his followers do not consider Daoism as a religion but as a harmonious way of living, someeven considered a school of thoughts that focuses on the quest of immortality.
It has two parts; one focused on meditation without ritualswhile the other focuses more on the rituals and is considered more orthodox. But both sides have a framework for priests, which follow a very definitehierarchy. However he emphasizes the spontaneity or freedom of socio-cultural manipulation by institutions, essentially advocating the idea thatwe do not need centralized guidance, because we are naturally led by forces of universe.
Incense is a constant element in Taoist Rituals. One ofthe symbols of Daoism is quite famous even among western; the Ying Yang is a representation of the balance and complementarity between theopposing forces of nature in perfect harmony. This symbol calls me a lot of attention and was the curiosity that I have fir him that motivated me tomake this last essay addressing this religion. I still like to know more about the forces that this religion believe, and how they contact with us.
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