Social network sites x school work

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  • Publicado : 23 de fevereiro de 2013
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Nowadays, technology makes our life easier and let the distances smaller. A fundamental piece to break barriers is social network sites, which allows contacting people from different countries anddifferent life styles. There are several types of social network sites, such as: Facebook, Orkut, Live Mocha, etc. It is possible to choose according to the goal of each person. But, there is a questionabout this kind of sites that we need to answer: “Do social network sites help or hurt your school work?”
Social network sites could be an excellent way to help students in school work, but theyneed to know how to use this interesting tool in order not to be hurt by them. This kind of website can be used for hundreds of reasons: to make friends, to get a job, to exchange life’s experiences, todo researches about any topic, to learn a new language, etc. Therefore, it is important to have a goal to achieve before joining social networks sites; it will be easier to find what you expect. Onthe other hand, if the student do not have a purpose; for example, to learn a new language it is necessary use a site such as Live Mocha, which is exclusive for learn different languages; Facebook, inthis case is not the best option because it is easy to lose time because there are a lot of distractions, such as: pictures, gossip, advertisements, games, etc.
One interesting characteristic aboutsocial network sites is creating discussion topics about a school project and wait for the answer of people who are connected with you. By doing this is possible to know more about yourself and yourfriends; it is possible to discuss about any subject; also, learn to respect different opinions. In contrast, it is necessary to be careful about the information that is posted because sometimes it isnot possible to know if its reliable; maybe can be just an opinion, not a real fact; as a result, it can be possible to use this information in the homework.
Finally, social network sites are a good...