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Call for Papers
Journal of Internet Technology
Special Issue on Integration of IoT with Future Internet

Theme and Scope

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the terminology used for uniquely identifiable objects (or, things) and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure. The idea of IoT considers same ubiquitous environment as that is for ubiquitousor pervasive computing. Basic difference between pervasive computing and IoT is that when the same setting is seen from the conceptual angle, it is termed pervasive environment but when seen from the angle of identifiable objects taking part in the system, it is called IoT, an Internet-like network of networks. IoT is often considered to be an integrated part of Future Internet. However, theconceptual definitions of these two, separate them in various ways. While IoT is clearly defined by this time, Future Internet is still standing as a cloudy term. Future Internet refers to a wide variety of research issues related to the idea of some kind of huge network of networks that can connect numerous networking devices around the globe. The objective is to get an Internet like establishment butnot in the way we have it today. Some new vision and ideas are sought for. If simply a relatively faster and larger Internet with new devices and technologies is brought forward at the end, it could end up just as an extension of the current Internet that we have. As the basic vision behind Future Internet is that it is not the Internet that we have seen so far, it may have a new way ofoperational method, it may have a new method of connecting devices, and there might be even complete clean-slate approach of developing it. As the full operational definition is not yet finalized, there are numerous research issues that can be worked on. This special issue is envisioned to compile the most recent works on the recent advancements in the IoT and Future Internet technologies. Any workcombining both issues is most welcome. Also, any work pertaining to the integration or separation of IoT and Future Internet will be considered. A list of sample topics are mentioned below though the list should not be considered exhaustive (all works must be related to IoT or Future Internet):
- Exploitation of embedded processors and IP connectivity
- Global device positioning
- Data servicesarchitecture in Future Internet
- RFID and Sensor technologies in IoT and Future Internet
- Resource management in small devices
- Software imperative
- Heterogeneous network integration
- Global supply chain security
- Governance, security, and socio-economic factors
- Autonomous and controlled networks
- Wireless technologies in IoT and Future Internet
- Energy saving and green computing inFuture Internet

CFP: FIRST IEEE International Workshop On GlObal Trends in SMART Cities
(in conjunction with IEEE LCN 2012)
Clearwater, Florida, USA
22-25 October 2012

Submission Deadline Extended: 27 May 2012

More than half of the world's population lives in urban areas today. The
trend of unprecedented migration fromrural areas to urban centers is
to continue in the near future. This increasing urbanization has placed
continuous and increasing pressure upon infrastructure, residential and
commercial properties, and social communities. Cities of the future can be
models of environmental efficiency, because increased density and better
management reduce the cost of service delivery, promoteinnovation, and
prosperity through economic development.

The goSMART workshop will bring together academics, researchers and
practitioners from around the world to discuss and exchange ideas on recent
developments, current research challenges and future directions in the use
networking, communications, IT systems, applications and service to realize
smart communities of the future....
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