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In this section, we analyze parts of the TV show script to learn and understand the use of daily English language.
Read the passages and try to understand them. Then, read the vocabularyexplanation. Finally, read the passage again.
Move the mouse over the words in red to see the meaning.
From the episode 'Did you check with the captain of the Flying Monkeys?'
CHARLIE: Hey, Jake, what's this?A phone message?
JAKE: Yes, some lady called for you.
CHARLIE: Who? I can't read your writing.
JAKE: [reading the paper] "You're a big selfish jerk."
CHARLIE: Okay, I know who this is. Amy.Probably Amy.
JAKE: Yep, Amy. She wants you to call her back.
CHARLIE: Yeah, that'll happen...
JAKE: Why not?
CHARLIE: Because I never said I'd call her back. Remember this, Jake: never make promisesto women that you don't intend to keep. And you know how you do that?
JAKE: Always keep my promises?
CHARLIE: That might work. A better way is never make promises.
JAKE: What happens if Amy callsagain?
CHARLIE: Okay, I'm glad you asked that. When the phone rings at Uncle Charlie's house, we don't just willy-nilly pick up the receiver and answer it. No. What we do is we check thecaller ID andonly pick up if we want to talk to that person.
JAKE: Like Mom?
CHARLIE: That depends. Your mom, yes. My mom, no.
JAKE: How come you don't want to talk to your mom?
CHARLIE: I'll tell you all aboutthat when you're old enough to drink.
JAKE: What if I want to talk to your mom?
CHARLIE: Okay, that kind of attitude is gonna break down the whole system. 
selfish | egoísta. Egoísmo sedice selfishness. |
jerk | imbécil |
yep, yeah | Forma coloquial de yes (sí) |
to call somebody back | devolver la llamada a alguien |
to make a promise to somebody | hacer una promesa, prometer aalguien |
to keep a promise | mantener una promesa |
willy-nilly | quiera o no quiera |
to pick up | levantar |
receiver | auricular, tubo del teléfono |
caller ID | identificación de llamada...