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Template for Project planning

|Authors contributing |
|Name of author/Institution |Jorge Nicols – IFAPA|
|Name of author/Institution |- Xai-Xai Municipal Council |
|Name of author/Institution |Christopher Sianga – Mumbwa District Council|
|Name of author/Institution |Acnir Ferreira – IFAPA |

|1.Project-Title ||
| |PB the way to expanding opportunity. |
|2.Justification/|Every year local authorities spend millions of pounds commissioning public services on behalf of local residents. All too often the way they go about the commissioning process |
|Situation or problem description |leaves those who are supposed to benefit most out of the process. We believe that the important knowledge and a truly local perspective that residents can bring to public|
| |commissioning is being ignored. |
| ||
| |The result is that often the wrong services are commissioned, public money is wasted, the most in need miss out, public confidence in politicians reduces, and community cohesion is |
| |damaged.|
| | |
| |International and national experiences ofparticipatory budgeting can bring new perspectives and help stimulate change. In case of Mozambique, experiences from Dondo demonstrated |
| |that participatory budgeting is a way to empower communities and fuel the development process, because in the act of planning the local development fund communities use PB |
| |experienceto ensure planning process and to allocate funds as well as monitor. |
| | |
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