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1. “Share this _____________ yourselves”, said the mother to her two children.
a. to b. with c. between d. among

2. What are you going to buy your mother_____________ her birthday?
a. at b. to c. during d. for

3. As a child I was always ashamed ___________ my parents because they were working-class.
a. with b. overc. by d. of

4. I was always very good _____________ English when I was at school.
a. at b. in c. on d. with

5. The headmaster accused the boy_____________ stealing.
a. with b. of c. for d. to

6. I must apologize _____________ not replying sooner, but I’m afraid I’ve been rather busy lately.
a. to b. for c.of d. at

7. My parents don’t approve _____________ smoking.
a. of b. with c. for d. on

8. Now then, John, remember that I’m relying _____________ you to seethat there’s no trouble at the party on Saturday.
a. in b. on c. at d. with

9. One person I always laugh _____________ when I see him _____________ television isMr. Bean.
a. at / at b. on / at c. at / on d. to / on

10. The piece of paper burst _____________ flames.
a. on b. into c. in d. up

11. Can you think_____________ a synonym for “stubborn”?
a. of b. out c. in d. on

12. My friend is always complaining _____________ her boss.
a. about b. in c. on d. down13. It amazes me how some women can cope _____________ both a job and a family.
a. at b. about c. with d. in

14. The man was arrested and charged _____________murder.
a. with b. for c. of d. on

15. There can’t be many people in the world who have never heard _____________ the Beatles.
a. at b. up c. for d. of