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|Prepositions of Direction: To, On (to), In (to) |
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|Prepositions of Direction: To, On(to), In(to)|
|This handout explains prepositions that express movement toward something: to, onto, and into. First, the prepositions will be introduced as a |
|group. Then, the special uses of each one will be discussed. |
|To, into, andonto correspond respectively to the prepositions of location at, in, and on. Each pair can be defined by the same spatial |
|relations of point, line/surface, or area/volume. To learn more about the spatial relationships expressed by these pairs of prepositions, read |
|the first section of "Prepositions of Location: At, On, and In" before you start reading this handout.|
|Introduction |
|1. The basic preposition of a direction is 'to'. |
|TO: signifies orientation toward a goal|
|When the goal is physical, such as a destination, "to" implies movement in the direction of the goal. |
|(1) Sa'id returned to his apartment. |
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|When the goal is not a physical place, for instance, an action, "to" marks a verb; it is attached as an infinitive and expressespurpose. The |
|preposition may occur alone or in the phrase in order. |
|(2) Li Ling washed her dog (in order) to rid it of fleas. |
|The two uses can also occur together in a single sentence:|
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|2. The other two prepositions of direction are compounds formed by adding "to" to the corresponding prepositions of location. |
|The preposition of location determines the meaning of the preposition of direction. |...
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