Personal reflection

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  • Publicado : 30 de março de 2013
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My Personal reflection

A few years back I quit my job and university and came to live in London. My main concern was to find any job and to study English as I had no plan to stay longer than 1year. Within the first year I found a low job in construction which paid considerably well. So, I decided to stay longer, and the more I stayed the harder it got for me to leave. I worked, travelled, Imet incredible people and I fell in love with this amazing city (I think it was weather).
However, I never forgot the importance of a Higher education. I always had a little voice in the back of mymind reminding me of the time I was wasting at my old job, and not seeking improvements for my personal and professional life. It’s very easy to get impressed with the amount of money you can earn inEngland doing low class jobs. Especially when you come from a country with such low power of consumption. But now my head is clear, I know what I want, and I know what I need to progress in myeducational, social and professional life.
As my English improved, I was able to grow within the company I used to work for, I did some skilled courses and became a floor layer. From there I went tologistics, where I got my Health and safety supervisor certificate and NVQ Level 3 in building site supervision. But, with the recession the company started to go down and cuts had to be made, and chancesof promotion got really scarce, and a little later it bankrupt and I was left with two options: I could look for the same type of work I had before, because, that was all my qualifications couldrealistically get me, or I could look for a university, enrol and try some real education, something that can take me to my limits. I didn’t want my old job, I want my bosses job, the money, responsibility,the feeling of achievement, I would even welcome all the stress that would soon follow. I learned everything I could, now I’m ready for the next level.
Now that I have started my business course...
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