Perfusao e circulacao extracorporea

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  • Publicado : 13 de julho de 2012
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Extracorporeal circulation - Perfusion

Perfusion, or extracorporeal circulation (ECC), is a procedure which temporarily replaces the functions of the lungs and heart while these organs areexcluded from the circulation through the use of machines, devices, circuits and techniques. The principle of ECC is to change the blood flow from the heart straight to a mechanical system that filters,promotes its oxygenation and regulates its temperature by replacing the functions of the lungs. When the blood is transformed into arterial blood, it returns to the systemic circulation with the aidof a pump that resembles the function of the heart. ECC not only replaces the cardiopulmonary functions but at the same time preserves the cellular integrity, structure, function and metabolism ofindividual organs and systems.

The extracorporeal circulation is a system constituted basically by a blood pump driving unidirectional blood oxygenator and which allow, respectively, the infusion andgas exchange (hematosis). It is used primarily in surgery "open" where necessary the opening of the heart wall to gain access to their intracavitary structures, especially in corrections valvalopathysand congenital heart diseases. Other applications would be the frequent surgeries to correct the disturbances in the thoracic aorta. Besides the core components listed above, the apparatus ofextracorporeal circulation is also composed by accessory devices, such as: filter, blood reservoir, heat exchanger, ductwork pumps and blood aspiration. The blood pump main models are made of an elastic tubeand a metallic roller whose arms are driven by an electric motor in one direction. The elastic tube is continually compressed by the roller metal, allowing the blood to circulate.

To become aperfusionist in Brazil, you need to have a graduation degree in Biomedicine, Nursing School, Physical Therapy or been at least on senior year in college with outstanding grades and them apply to a...
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