Oral presentation: adverstising - promote a product

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The product advertised in this ad is Oikos Greek nonfat yogurt with fruit on the bottom from Dannon and also Oikos organic Greek yogurt with honey fromStonyfield.
Oikos is the Greek yogurts’ name. Oikos is the Greek work for "house". So I think this name was chosen to create a familiar bound between the product/thebrand and the consumers. Actually Oikos is not the brand, but just the name of the yogurt.
Oikos are produced by Dannon and Stonyfield. I think all of you knowGroup Dannon, a french yogurts' brand founded in 1919. Dannon is the best-selling brand of yogurt worldwide and one of the top two yogurt producers in the U.S. Stonyfield Farm or just Stonyfield is an American organic yogurts' maker, founded in 1983. Nowadays Group Dannon owns about 85% of Stonyfield shares.
The aim ofthis ad is to promote the brand, introduce a new product and gain new consumers.
The advertising or marketing strategies used in this ad show us clearly whichis the target group, women.
Firstly, it counts with the presence of what I think women would find a handsome actor (John Stamos). Using good lookingcelebrities is a commonly used technique by brands. People want to be like them in every single way and also in their eating preferences.
Secondly, women love to seetheir selves taking control of a situation. Our society is marked by the development of women role. Women are now more ambitious and strong. So they like to see rolemodels on TV ads.
Thirdly, humor is always an excellent marketing strategy. Making people laugh and remember a certain original ad is the key to success.
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