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Obesity is a small word that represents a huge problem nowadays. It is defined as abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat that presents a risk to health. It can be measured by theBody Mass Index (BMI) that takes in consideration the person weight and height. People who have 25 or more BMI are considered Overweight and people who have 30 or more BMI are considered Obese.Overweight and obesity are major risk factors for a number of chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
Who is Responsible for Obesity?
Many people blame fast food industriesas the cause of obesity whoever people are also guilty. No one is forced to eat in fast food restaurants like McDonalds, each one decides if they want to go there or not. Also, everyone is prettyaware that the food which is sold there is rich in calories and that can be very bad to their health. So if they decide to go to McDonalds they have to assume the responsibility for their acts and notonly blame the companies. It is easier to blame McDonalds than saying: “I decided to go there because I enjoy the taste of that type of food”.
“Junk food doesn’t make kids fat – junk parents do”(Fine,2012)
Everyone knows that fast food companies are always making new ads which are passed on TV and can even be seen in posters on the street. Those ads always use appellative colours and try to getour attention. For instance, in McDonalds they put toys on the menus so they will attract kid’s attentions which are going to try to convince their parents to go to there. It’s pretty obvious that itis a strategy of marketing and they want to get more costumers but as it was mentioned before which one must decide if they want to go there or not. It’s a brilliant idea, because kid’s want to gothere mostly because of the toy but they end up eating the hamburger which it actually tastes good. We must not forget that the ones who decide if the kids are going to those restaurants are the...