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SCHOOL IN A BOX Guide Series




The SCHOOL IN A BOX Guide Series is designed as a ‘one-stop shop’ for anyone interested in establishing their own financially self-sufficient school. The series is made up of nine individual manuals which between them cover all of the key areas which willneed to be considered in detail in the creation of any Self-Sufficient School. Each manual offers a step-by-step guide to building your understanding of key concepts and mastering a range of planning and management tools, as well as providing a wealth of case studies and real-life examples to illustrate both best practice and easily avoided pitfalls. The full listing of manuals in the series isas follows: 1. Getting Started: An Introduction to Financially Self-Sufficient Schools, 2. How To Evaluate Your Organization, 3. How To Organize Your School, 4. How To Generate School Income, 5. How To Run A Self-Sufficient School, 6. How to Educate Successful Rural Entrepreneurs, 7. How to Organize Student Life, 8. How to Write A Business Plan for a Self-Sufficient School, 9. How to Finance YourPlan

The SCHOOL IN A BOX Guide Series represents the knowledge, experience and hard work of a dedicated team of authors and editors at Teach A Man To Fish and the Fundacion Paraguaya. We would like to thank the following individuals specifically for their contributions to the series: Celsa Acosta, Lorrenzo Arrua, Martin Burt, Luis Cateura, David Charles, Jose de Domenico, Nik Kafka,Mary Liz Kehler, Nicola Radford, Jose Luis Salomon, Luis Fernando Sanabria, and Jim Stephenson. Visit and for more information

The SCHOOL IN A BOX Guide Series was made possible by the generous sponsorship of Educating Africa, an initiative of the Savxx Foundation. Visit for more information.

Inspirit of the open source education movement, the SCHOOL IN A BOX Guide Series is offered under the terms of the following Copyleft 2008 license.
Reproduction, adaptation and distribution of this work is permitted (and indeed encouraged!) under the condition that: i. Any resulting copies or adaptations are also bound by the same Copyleft licensing scheme outlined herein Any resulting copies oradaptation credit Teach A Man To Fish and Fundacion Paraguaya as original authors of the work and include the following URLs: and


Manual 8 – How to write a Business Plan for a Self-Sufficient School


1. Introduction 2. Executive Summary 3. Business Description 4. Market Research 5. Competitor Analysis 6. Sales andMarketing Plan 7. Operational Plan 8. Management and Structure 9. Financial Plan and Projections

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WHAT IS A BUSINESS PLAN? A business plan clearly sets out the objectives of your business (the self-sufficient school). It states exactly how the business intends to operate and how it will become profitable. HOW WILL A BUSINESS PLANHELP ME? A good business plan will keep you focused on your objectives. It will help you plan for the future, because you will have already planned your activities. It will lay down a budget and predict future cash-flow so that you will stay on-track in your drive towards the goal of a self-sufficient school. It will also help you identify areas that you might have overlooked or areas that requiremore thought and planning. WHY ELSE IS A BUSINESS PLAN IMPORTANT? A business plan is very important when trying to attract finance. Your potential investors will be able to read your brilliant business plan and it will address all their doubts, answer all their awkward questions and convince them that your dream is worth funding. Ok - let's get started! This manual will lead you through the 8...