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Marketing Analysis


Who is Jones Soda? Marketing Proposals
Your Photo. Your Soda. Your Brand: The Mandi’s Case

Location: headquartered in Seattle, WA
Mission Distribution Channels Competitors Current situation

company’s mission is toprovide high quality, premium beverages while enhancing the consumer experience

grocery stores, delicatessens, retailers, and specialty

Snapple, Coca-Cola, Monster

Current situation: 11quarters w/o year over year growth

Brand Identity
- Products are made with high quality, mostly natural ingredients. - The primary target market is 12- to 34- year old people who are heavy Internetusers. - The psychographic characteristics of the target market include independence, creativity, and hipness. - The brand strategy is based on customer intimacy - The brand lacks stability

What isworking
All points of contacts match with brand identity
Public Relations Social and digital media

Advertising strategy

independent consumer-run beverage brand

Niche target marketDistribution

What they can improve
Premium Prices

Brand Awareness
Focused just on its niche costomer base

Take care to do not lose brand’s “independent” identityDigital Media
Improve e-mail marketing performance

Company Size
Only 41 employees

Brand Relevance
Brand has well-funded competitors

Marketing Proposals
Product PlacementInitiatives
- Distribution location happy hour meet ups

- Already established in independent music scene, movie to indie films

- Brand Ambassadors throughout arts colleges and venues like skateparks, create photo/video story around surprise events

Marketing Proposals
1) Target Audience 6) Blair Witch 2) Topics 5) Video Documentaries Word of Mouth Marketing

4) Limited Editions

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