Peixes do mundo

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Fishes of the World

Fishes of the World
Fourth Edition
Joseph S. Nelson Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E9 Canada

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PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS INTRODUCTION PHYLUM CHORDATA Subphylum Craniata Superclass Myxinomorphi to Osteostracomorphi Superclass Gnathostomata †Class Placodermi, 35 Class Chondrichthyes, 39 Subclass Holocephali, 42 Order Chimaeriformes, 45 Subclass Elasmobranchii, 47 Order Heterodontiformes, 54 Order Orectolobiformes, 54Order Lamniformes, 57 Order Carcharhiniformes, 60 Order Hexanchiformes, 64 Order Echinorhiniformes, 65 Order Squaliformes, 66 Order Squatiniformes, 68 Order Pristiophoriformes, 69 Order Torpediniformes, 71

ix xiv 1 15 18 21–33 34




Order Pristiformes, 73 Order Rajiformes, 73 Order Myliobatiformes, 76 †Class Acanthodii, 83 Class Actinopterygii, 87 Subclass Cladistia, 88Order Polypteriformes, 88 Subclass Chrondrostei, 90 Order Acipenseriformes, 92 Subclass Neopterygii, 95 Order Lepisosteiformes, 97 Order Amiiformes, 98 Division Teleostei, 100 Subdivision Osteoglossomorpha, 102 Order Hiodontiformes, 103 Order Osteoglossiformes, 104 Subdivision Elopomorpha, 108 Order Elopiformes, 110 Order Albuliformes, 111 Order Anguilliformes, 114 Order Saccopharyngiformes, 124...
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