Job interview

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Job Interview

Boss: How are you today?
Interviewed: I’m fine, thank you. And you?
Boss: I’m great
Boss: Did you have any trouble finding us?
Interviewed: No, the Clinic isn't too difficult tofind.

Boss: Explain to us, as best you can, why you have applied for a position in our clinic.
Interviewed: Well, Your clinic has a very good reputation, but to be honest I am unemployed and Ineed to work so I can earn some money

Boss: Why do you think you might like to work for our clinic?
Interviewed: I've wanted to work for you since your representative gave a career talk on mycollege, and gave me a very good image of your clinic.

Boss: What do you know about our clinic?
Interviewed: Your clinic has a good reputation , your employees are very professional and I read anarticle on a magazine describing this clinic as the clinic with the best work environment in the country

Boss: Have you any experience of this type of work?
Interviewed: Yes, For the last 2 years Iworked in the London Bridge Hospital

Boss: What qualities do you think this job requires?
Interviewed: I think it mainly requires team work, sense of responsibility, communication skills andemphaty.

Boss: We have several applicants for this position. Why do you think you are the person we should choose?
Interviewed: I don't know the other candidates, but I have the abilities, qualities andexperience that you requested in your job advert.

Boss: How are your studies at the Medicine University related to this job?
Interviewed: I graduated at Oxford University with a master degree inneurology

Boss: Why did you choose this field of medicine?

Interviewed: I chose the course because it would prepare me for this field, and I believe that this field suits my personality andstrengths, for example...
My teacher and career counsellor recommended it .
Boss: What projects have you worked on?
Interviewed: I did a final year project called...
We did a lot of project work....